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Hughes Patented System Counter Balances 
the painting making it weightless.

Wind River Arts is proud to present you with the finest studio easel ever made, Hughes Easels.  Each Hughes Easel is completely assembled,  tested, and hand inspected before being carefully crated and shipped to your location. This is done to insure that each and every part will perform just as we say it will. 

All wooden parts are sealed and hand finished to a museum quality finish that rivals fine furniture. It will last a lifetime. Brass accessories are highly polished and treated against corrosion. Each Hughes easel is individually serialized and records are maintained to insure that the history of your Hughes easel is accurately documented.  Easels may be personalized.

By a simple weight adjustment, the work can be moved accurately and easily up to the maximum weight approved for each model. The Hughes Easel is mounted on wide casters, which can be securely locked. Other features include a 15 degree tilting movement at top and bottom. Positive locking mechanisms on both vertical and horizontal carriages. A 24" range of vertical adjustment on the carriage assembly and special rails with safety stops which permit the artist to work to the very edges of the canvas.

Hughes Easels continues to lead the way in the production of quality products for demanding artists who push the envelope in large scale painting, worldwide.

If you have been producing large art on a traditional wood or metal easel, you know how much effort is involved to juggle a heavy canvas without ruining the work in progress.

Imagine being able to move a 80 pound painting with just the touch of a finger!   Hughes easels are internally counter balanced to handle a wide range of canvas weights.  Additional weights maybe added to counterbalance heavier paintings.  The machined steel weights are simply applied in increments until the canvas is counterbalanced and moves freely up and down.

Weights can be added or removed while the canvas is in place. To compensate for your coffee cup and other tools! One must take care to lower the weights gently into place to preserve the integrity of the easel and to prevent ones fingers from becoming excessively flat! Storage is provided for unused weights at the rear of the base. Even though they are rarely needed additional weights may be ordered.

The unique patented system of internal counter balances, machined steel weights, high quality steel cables and pulleys make handling even the heaviest of pieces of art a breeze. That's why Hughes Easels are so popular with art museums and conservationists who must restore, repair, or display giant art.

Many artist prefer to work standing and have their canvas in a vertical position. The ability to tilt the canvas forward is a blessing for those who prefer to sit, or are dwarfed by the sheer size of their artwork.

The overall tilt of the Hughes Easel may be adjusted from both the center and the lower portion of the easel. Thus allowing the artist to tilt the canvas +- 15 degrees for the most comfortable working position possible.


The reversible upper clamp assemblies provide  an edgeless grip or a traditional overhanging lip for additional security should the canvas be tipped fully forward. Being able to tilt the canvas forward helps in maintaining proper perspective while painting. 


Horizontal movement is accomplished through the use of rollers which allow the carriage assembly to float along the upper lip of  the easel base. The unique combination of rollers and counter weights allows for the positioning of the canvas horizontally throughout the range of the Hughes Easel.

Horizontal movement is easy. Just a slight pressure moves  the largest piece of art from side to side on the roller system.

Clamps placed on each side of the easel provide additional stability for the painting carriage.

   lip_pull_pin2.jpg (59131 bytes)The lower deck receiver folds out to accept thick stretcher bars.


The Hughes System holds the painting securely with metal grippers and the problem of painting edge to edge is solved!  Metal grippers hold any canvas securely.  The beauty of the fold away receiver is that all areas of the canvas are accessible to the artist.  Painting to the very edge of the canvas is now a reality on top, bottom and sides. 

This design is also perfect for anyone who is physically restricted and must avoid repeatedly lifting heavy materials.  Once the canvas is in place and the weights are adjusted the canvas is weightless.

The wide rollers glide easily upon carpet and may be locked in position.

To determine the size of easel necessary simply add 24" to the model number to determine the maximum height of canvas allowed by the carriage. Custom carriages are always available to suit your personal requirements.